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Because there are a lot of routes, this page is dedicted to them :
Thanks to local or visiting climbers dedicated to open news lines : Michel Piola, Mathieu Delacroix, Gille, Benoit Robert, Thierry Franc, Arnaud Petit, Richard Derrieux, David Rebetez, Daniel et Ari Gelbel, Ludo Chaléat, Bruno Martin, Jacek and the polish team, Albert and the Austrian team, Bruno Roche and I certainly forget some as we do host a whole of climbers....
The Islands of Nosy Hara, the Montagne des Francais and the Parrot's Valley are protected area managed by local park authorities. all news equipment is strictly controlled. Please contact NSR (manager of climbing/environment commission of tourism office) to obtain the necessary authorizations (free of charge). 
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We are in tropical marine environment and corrosion conditions are extrems !
 We use glued rods FIXE Inox Marin A316 L, as standard stainless doesn't last over three seasons !

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