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Coral Camp


The natural Hut !!
Cocktail offer all evening !
The Camp is 7 miles offshore amongst a dozen rocky islets.
WARNING This archipelago is sacred and all independant bivouacs are stricly forbidden due to numerous taboos (FADY) linked to the Royal cimetery. The whole archipelago is now a National Marine Park and all visits must be organised througt a licensed operator.
NSR collaborate with environnemental authorities to monitor park activities.
2 sleeping options, huts  or troglodytes rooms (3 disponibles) ! Live in the rhythm with tides and fresh fish, disconnect from outer world, back to the roots, in harmony with Mother Nature...
Interior of troglodyte room !
NSR protect specifically the turtle's nesting zones.
New Sea Roc is responsable for load capacity, taboos and cultural issues, manage the water (no fresh water on the islands !), recycle garbages, preserve the environnement and monitor the project with local authorities.
The camp is a structur dedicated to lodging visitors and won't be responsible for accidents linked to personal practice
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