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Nosy Hara Archip


Technical note for potential new lines : only marine steel MARIN A316L in glue will be allowed (no classic stainless bolts and point).
Information with NSR.
Around 100 routes are equiped at european standards overs 8 sectors

You are in a National Marine Park
Ticket of park in MNP Office (55 000 Ar/pers/day)
We recommended helmets !!
The sacred Islands of Nosy Hara is more than a fantastic climbing spot, it's a life outside the reality !
Unreal limestone, homes, edges, concretions waiting for you in a robinson Crusoe style !
2 main sectors on Nosy Andatsara (Coral Camp) and Nosy Anjombavola (Royal Cimetery), the sacred amongst the sacred, where no one can sleep, whistle, shout...
We've gained Royal permission to pratice climbing on those islands but it imply the responsability of local tradition's absolute respect. Our Camp is part of National Marine Park strictly managed by local authorities Madagascar National Park (MNP/WWF)
We voluntarily release partial topos (climbing book) only, as a full book with all new routes is sold for association profits and we strongly encourage you to buy a copy in your office.
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