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Parrot's valley

You are in the National Park of Ambohitra Antsingy

You can find ticket entry ofl the park  in the jungle camp

The Red Island 7a secteur magic Wood
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TOPO available in Camp

Camping is prohibited in the National park

Climbing Paradise !! 
The parrot 's camp in Jungle Park is 20 minutes away from climbing area  !
There is around 60 routes from 4b to 8b spread over 10 sectors :
- Magic Wood, 14 routes from 6a to 7a+ shaded all day (vertical to seriously overhanging)
- Perroquets, 10 routes from 5b to 7a shaded all day (vertical to short and severe overhang)
- Bloc Age, 15 routes from 6a to 7c+ shaded all day (vertical to short and severe overhang) Major Sector !
-Black Jack Canyon 4 routes from 7a+ to 8a+ Close in this time...
- Sakalava, 4 routes to 6a au 7+.. (futur project) 
- Baby Bloc Age 3 routes from 6a to 6c shaded all day (short overhang)
- Tsac tsac, 10 routes from 5a to 6a shade the morning (initiation sector)
-Mat's cave 4 routes from 7a to 8b shaded the afternoon (vertical and serious overhang) !
- Dyno Zore 2 routes 6c and 8a+ on the big roof to 20 meters...
bring your helmet !!
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