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- Nosy Hara Archipelago :
Cave climbing in the middle of the ocean. Reserved to experts and scientists, this range could be truly unique in its king. We have the appropriate logistic and gear to go for the wildest explorations. Leave to the the Coral's camp.

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A gigantic and deeply eroded karst, unique Tsingy formation can be accessed in 3 zones in the north of the country :
- Ankarana National Park :
Hundreds of kilometeres of galleries have been explored in this 20 kms long maze of rocks.
We don't take to you on the most classic tours, any agency will offert it with professionalism.
 We'd rather take you along on strange expeditions like the Styx a 10 km long underground river, on the watch for white cave crocodiles, pure adventure for all !....!

-La Montagne des Francais (Ambohitra Antsingy Park) :
The Camp Tree is perfect base to wander through those dense forests. Hundreds of cavities to explore with an easy access and logitics from our camp. In an unique tropical forest live through exploratory days... !



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