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Association GEckos de Diego (GED) BP 541 Antsiranana 201
RIB : Code banque : 00008 / Code Guichet : 00510 / Numero de compte : 05004005812 / Clé Rib : 43 / IBAN : MG460000800500400581243 / BIC : BFAVMGMG
 As you spend some time with us, you profit to the villagers as well. NSR fund a tourist tax for each person we're in charge of plus a financial help to the associations. Thank for your help.
You can also decide to do more and want to be part of a specific project, please contact us !
We are very sensitive to durable development around our realisations, on educationnal, sanitary en environmenal issues
 That's why we manage the association GEcko de Diego(GED)  sport association  (Climbing) et environmental  who are supposed to sensiblise the villagers on environment improuve the sanitary conditions of villages, educate children, reforest the area, imagine and propose new agricultural methods to boost production, the whole of it integrated with ecotourism
Since 2000, NSR participate in two small villages development in the north of Madagascar :
Field realisations :
- Creation of the associations GEM (Gecko Mangos),LIHARA et SOAMANDROSO (village management)
- Bulding of two school (65 and 35 pupils)
- Environment education 1 permanent post
   - Job creations in those villages
-Reforestation campaign ( 10 000 trees in 2 years)
-Preparation work for a health center consctruction
- Development dry fruits methode

The GED association bounced back this year on the construction of an environnemental pilot village G ECO VILLAGE about fifteen earth huts around vegetable gardens, orchards and fishponds, an environnemental interpretation center and a forest scholl.

The principe would be to have an ethical group per house to have a representation of all ethnic groups in Madagascar to create a place of exchange and harmonie, cultural unity !
You want to help us ?

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