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Coral Camp

Departures from Diego Suarez, 2 days on full board minimum, including boat transfert, savety gear, goggles and fins.

bat  transfert

Transfert conditions : 1h30 4wd (20 miles of rowdy tracks) and 1h15 of traditionnal wood boat (with savety gear, sail, extra engine, life jacket, telephone). Strong Wind from June to October ! (6 person minimum)


(maximum capacity : 12/14 persons)
 (depending of reservation, on winds and tides)
Contact us !!
You are in National Marin Park 
Nosy Andatsara (CORAL CAMP)

Our Camp is set in the sacred archipelago of Nosy Hara. We obtained the land from traditional authorities (King and local populations), national administrations (lease and  tourism licence) and completed environnemental requiremements (Impact study and follow up). That also means environnemental limits and obligations both checked regularly by local authorities.


Field situation and law turned NSR in charge of tradition's respect as well as environnemental issues...


All your actions are conceived along with rural development, education, environnement and reforestation projects (check the association)

2 days, full board minimum.

 No mosquitoes on the islands !
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